Hi everyone! I recently started working on a new collage. While working, I enjoy listening to podcasts in English, because I feel like I’m learning about new cultures and also, I am being more productive :)One of my favorite podcasts is “The Truth” by Jonathan Mitchell. He has incredible and odd short stories with great actors. I have enjoyed each episode. Let me know what your favorite podcasts are!Have a great day

最近良く聞いてる番組はJonathan Mitchellの“The Truth“。不思議なショートストリーが沢山聞け、面白い!毎回驚く内容で、役者も皆さん上手く、物語に引き込まれます。その他に、落語(日本語)、文化を勉強できるチャンネルもよく聞きます。皆さんはどんなポッドキャスト番組がお好きですか?素敵な一日をお過ごしください⭐︎