Native in French and Japanese, and fluent in English.

Minami, a celebrated French-Japanese actress, began her career at 13 in “Battle Royale.” She has stood out in projects with renowned Japanese directors and has performed in over 20 plays and 40 productions. She shone in “Vision” alongside Juliette Binoche and “MINAMATA” with Johnny Depp. Splitting her time between Tokyo, Paris, and Los Angeles, she is native in French and Japanese and fluent in English, leveraging her trilingual advantage to enhance her global screen presence. Inspired by significant roles and a desire for international exploration, Minami has skillfully blended traditions and dramatic storytelling, successfully cultivating her art across a broad spectrum.

Feature Films

In production : Mother Tongue (Lead) MIKE FIGGIS
2024 : One Arm (Lead) SHUTARO OKU
2024 : To the Wind and the Storm (supporting Lead)  TSUYOSHI YANAGAWA
2023 : Confess to Your Crimes (supporting Lead) NOBUO MIZUTA
2023 : Rohan at the Louvre (supporting Lead) KAZUTAKA WATANABE
2020 : MINAMATA Aileen Smith (main female lead)  ANDREW LEVITAS
2019 : Tezuka’s Barbara Shigaki Satomi (guest star)  MAKOTO TEZUKA
2018 : Vision Hana(supporting lead) NAOMI KAWASE
2015 : Dust And Illusion Miki(supporting lead) SATOSHI SUZUKI
2015 : Her Granddaughter Maho Sanjoji (guest star)  RYUICHI HIROKI
2014 : Adult Drop Lilly (guest star) KEN IIZUKA
2013 : King Of Excuse Lilly (supporting lead) NOBUO MIZUTA
2012 : Milocrorze narration YOSHIMASA ISHIBASHI
2012 : Afro Tanaka Saki (guest star) DAIGO MATSUI
2012 : Ballon Relay Emi Tanaka (guest star) RYOHEI FUJIMURA
2010 : Vengeance Can Wait Nanase (lead) MASANORI TOMINAGA
2008 : Detroit metal City Nina (guest star) TOSHIO LEE
2007 : Robo Rock Kiriko (supporting lead)TAIKAN SUGA
2007 : Fuking Runaway Hanachan (lead)KEITA MOTOHASHI
2007 : Sakuran Wakagiku (featured) MIKA NINAGAWA
2006 : Humoresque Sony (lead) YUKI INOMATA
2005 : Tomie Revenge Saki (lead) ATARU OIKAWA
2004 : I was a bully Maria Shiozaki (supporting lead)  YOSHIYUKI MORIOKA
2003 : Embraced By Mana Emi (featured) SATOSHI ISAKA
2002 : The Song Of Sheeps Yo Yaegashi (supporting lead)  JYUNJI HANADO
2002 : Yumeko’s Night Mare Yumeko (lead) TUTOMU KUBOYAMA
2000 : Battle Royal Keiko (guest star) KINJI FUKASAKU

TV / Series

2023-2024 : Virtually Virtuous for NHK
2022 : First Love for Netflix
2022: Van Gogh under the stairs TBS
2022 : Shinichi Hoshi’s Mysterious Short Drama for BS Premieum
2022 : To the Wind and the Storm for NHK
2020/2022 : Discoveries Of The World’s Mysteries for TBS
2015 : Indigo’s Lover for NHK BS
2014 : Kindaichi Case Files for NTV
2014 : Obasan-Bengoshi for CX
2014 : Legal Hight for CX
2013 : Inemuri Sensei for EX
2013 : Bread,Soup and a-Cat-Day for WOWOW
2012 : Best Proposal for BeeTV
2012 : Tokkan for NTV
2012 : Person Of Destiny for TBS
2011 : Mameshiba Ichiro for JAITS
2011 : Human Metamorphosis for WOWOW
2011 : Banquet Of The Lower Class for NHK
2010 : TRICK for EX
2009 : The Quiz Show for NTV
2009 : OL Nippon for NTV
2008 : Save the Future for NHK
2008 : Ikemen Paradise for CX
2008 : Loss Time Life for CX
2008 : Minami, 21years old for KTV
2007 : Yukan Club for CX
2007 : Ururun Word Travel for TBS
2007 : Operation Mystery Second File for NHK
2004 : Cheer Heaven for NTV
2002 : Funny Familly Trip for NTV
2002 : My Girl Friend P for CX
2001 : Jungle Book for EX

Short Movies

Minami et les trous noirs Minami (Lead) / Marc-Antoine Vaugeois
Tomoko TOMOKO (Lead) / Margaux Esclapez
Rhinocéros Woman (Lead) / Minami


2022: Bugaku Divine Comedy Shura Rokudo dir. Shutaro Oku in IHI Stage Around Tokyo
2019 : Fahrenheit 451 dir. AKira Shirai in KAAT and tour in Japan
2018 : Villain dir. Naoe Gozu in Theater Trum and on tour in Japan
2017 : The cherry orchard, 24st dir. Kazuyoshi Kushida in theater Cocoon and on tour in Japan
2016 : ESORA dir. Shintaro Asanuma in Space Zero Shinjuku
2015 : ZERO ZONE dir. Yoshimasa Shirai in Kyoto Art Center
2014 : Lost Memory Theater dir. Akira Shirai in Kanagawa Art Theater and on tour in Japan
2014 : The Condemned of Altona dir.Satoshi Kamimura in New National Theatre Tokyo
2013 : ISAMU dir. Amon Miyamoto in Kanagawa Act Theater and on tour in Japan
2013 : Super Sound Theater Mars Red dir. Senjyaku Fujisawa in Maihama Amphitheater
2013 : Metamorphoses Gogh dir. Shatner Nishida in Akasaka Act Theater and on tour in Japan
2012 : Sounan dir. Yukiko Motoya in Ikebukuro art Theater and on tour in Japan
2012 : Liliom dir. Daigo Matsui in Aoyama Arena Theater
2012 : Madame de Sade dir. Mansai Nomura in Setagaya Public Theater and on tour in Japan
2011 : The Shape Of Things dir. Daisuke Miura in Aoyama Arena Theater and on tour in Japan
2010 : Herper Reagan dir. Keishi Nagatsuka in Parco Theater and on tour in Japan
2010 : The Character dir. Hideki Noda in Ikebukuro Art Theater
2009 : Love Letters dir. Yoji Aoyama in Parco Theater
2009 : Coast Of Utopia dir. Yukio Ninagawa in Theater Cocoon
2009 : Asakusa Paradise dir. Ishi Rasal in Embujyou Sinbashi
2008 : The Seagull dir. Tamiya Kuriyama in Akasaka Act Theater and on tour in Japan
2007 : Erendira dir. Yukio Ninagawa in Saitama Art Theater and on tour in Japan
2006 : Tensei Kumpu dir. Tsuyoshi Kida in Aoyama Theater and on tour in Japan
2005 : Counterfeit Crime and Punishment dir. Hideki Noda in theater Cocoon and on tour
2005 : Never Land A GO GO dir. Shintaro Asanuma in theater V Akasaka


2022 : PANASONIC / Housing Solutions “Caresa”
2019 : ALBION / Skin Conditioner
2005 :PANASONIC / Viera
2004~2005 : LOTTE / Pione , Custard Cake
2003~2010 : SHISEIDO / Majolica Majolca
2003: MOS BURGER / Barbercue Focaccia
2003 : J-PHONE / (SOFTBANK) J-SH53


2013 ~ 2014 : Sky Perfect TV La Cinémathèque du Dimanche


2021 : eN (short film) / film director, actress
2015 : RHINOCEROS (short film) film director, actress
2005 : eN (short film) film director, actress

Art Expositions

2021 : Solo Exhibition “eN” at MEDEL GALLERY SHU  in Tokyo Imperial Hotel
2016 : Solo Exhibition at Matsumoto Museum in Okayama
2011 : Exhibition at Parco art gallery in Tokyo
2011 : Solo Exhibition at Sunday art gallery in Tokyo